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Mission & Vision
Riverton Middle School is an impactful, progressive, growth minded, learner-centered educational community. Our mission is to utilize rich technology, innovation, and real world problem solving strategies to empower and inspire all Spartans to become informed, considerate citizens who improve society.
840 Major Ave
Riverton, Wyoming 82501

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Brant Nyberg, Principal
Aziz Waheed, Assistant Principal
Cody Myers, SRO
Amy Mayes, Abbigail Vaughn and Tami Meredith - Secretaries

Media -

The Riverton Middle School Media Center seeks to create individuals that can access, comprehend, and use information in a variety of formats. The Media Center is an important part of a community system that provides students and their families with access to appropriate, up to date resources and technology that promotes a culture of literacy.

Climate -

A climate that promotes safety, respect and responsibility is an essential component of Riverton Middle School. It creates a learning environment in which all Spartans can achieve their highest potential.